"Providing clients with the collective advantage of over 60 years experience in the field of behaviour and training with companion animals."

Kirsty Peake Kirsty Peake DipCABT, CABP, MAPDT681 Visit Kirsty's Website

Kirsty founded Pet Matters 20 years ago. She qualified through COAPE in 1999 and additionally holds an Advanced Diploma specifically in dog aggression and has completed a COAPE accredited course on Companion Animal Pharmacology. She became a CAPBT Practitioner in 2005, one of the first in the country.

Kirsty was the founding Chair of CAPBT and a Tutor with COAPE. Also, for many years, she was a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers 681 and a Special Advisor to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. Kirsty is the first non American to receive the "Who Speaks For Wolf" award, presented by the International Wolf Centre.

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Chrissy Beckhurst Chrissy Beckhurst DipCABT, CABP, MAPDT01015 E-mail Chrissy

Chrissy has 35 years of experience as a Teacher working with children and adults. She qualified through COAPE in 2007 and became a CAPBT Practitioner in 2010. Additionally she holds an Advanced Diploma specifically in Companion Species Pharmacology.

She has run Webinars and Workshops for CAPBT members. She is a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers 01015 and an accredited instructor with

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I've just dropped a wine glass on the kitchen floor - it smashed and as usual Shanti was right there to investigate... I sent her "away" and she lay down 2m away out of trouble, then "stay" - and while I crawled on the floor wrapping glass in newspaper and wiping the floor ...she stayed... despite chasing-the-floor-cloth being one of her favourite games!

So, having made a huge fuss of her and extra well deserved treats, this is a huge thankyou to you - I would have had no idea how do so much with her without your classes, I know she's a happy dog when she understands what I want, and if I had a tail I'd wag it too! Thankyou for all your help!

Chris Cullen

Just to say many thanks for the excellent workshop a few weeks ago. It was a great job, carried out calmly and fun!!! I got to practice a bit with horses in the new forest, which she didn't chase - but I did have her on a long line. She managed to walk past one without barking!

Sue Mackie

You can come again whenever you like! Barnaby is so much calmer- not 100% but at least 95; he's eating properly almost every meal and stops biting, on the rare occasions he starts with just an instruction and a flat hand. Amazing!

Rosemary Roscoe

Wilf and I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting with you. Thank you for your e mail explaining the next stage of Wilf's training. Of course there was no shooting at all over the weekend, typical. It's lovely to have a cheerful and responsive dog again, thank you.

Marilyn Jevons

In late 2011, my husband and I adopted two one-year old pups from shelters who, in their short lives, had histories that brought challenges along with them. Thanks to Kirsty's patience with us, her confidence in what the dogs could do and her wise advice at a junction when we were considering rehoming one of them, she helped us put it all together. We now have two perfectly wonderful dogs, a very happy family and a house almost always filled with laughter. We are so grateful, Kirsty.

Mary Swanson, Montana USA

Thank you Kirsty for your advice in teaching my young colt to load. Now at 16.2hh and three years old it is great to know that he will load without any problems. The magic of the clicker!


We have now moved Percy into an aviary on his own but where he can still see the others.  This has improved his emotional state and the desire to feather pluck has decreased. We now play games with him and he has his activity toys. He is a happy parrot and feathers can be seen!

Joyce G.

Amazing, a week of no overnight urination. Oscar appears a much happier dog. Who says you don't have a magic wand?

Hazel B