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What is going on here? Is it play? Should you intervene or let it continue?
Engaging with us will equip you with the answers to these questions and many more.

We offer a variety of services for pet owners in Devon and the SouthWest.

We also offer Training Classes to private groups in their home area. We run workshops throughout the year, such as: Stop Chase (using our sheep as a medium); Reliable Recall; Reactive Dog Classes (after behavioural assessment consultation only) and Mantrailing Introductory Sessions.

Dog Training

We use motivational positive reinforcement techniques, which includes marker training such as the clicker with food treats, toys and voice as rewards. Our courses offer the opportunity to train your dog in a supportive environment.

We can offer support and concept training for all ages of dogs, from puppy through to older dogs with changing needs. We work through novice to advanced behaviours. We also work with those that have already reached a reasonable level of obedience and want to build on their skills, improve control and learn new useful behaviours.

We will help you achieve a good level of obedience and sound socialisation.

Individual Training Sessions

We also offer bespoke one to one training sessions, allowing you the opportunity to concentrate on specific aims. These sessions can be arranged at your home or other venues as appropriate.

Training Workshops

Does your dog chase bicycles, cars, joggers or any other inappropriate target?

'Sheep Chase / Leave it' workshops and individual sessions teach strategies that help you train your dog so that you both can walk stress free in areas with livestock and wildlife without your dog chasing inappropriately. This is not a one event training, it is a process that will require persistence and consistency using reward based techniques. Whilst following a basic programme all the courses and individual sessions will be bespoked for your needs. Please contact us for details.

Reactive Dog Classes: These sessions are designed to cover a period of several weeks. Dogs attending these classes have to have been through a behaviour assessment and starting to learn alternative behaviours.

In these classes we include how to introduce management techniques; how to prevent your dog from reacting; building a default behaviour for your dog to fall back on in times of stress, and other skills. This builds confidence not only in your dog but in you as well as the owner.

Other workshops include 'Reliable Recall', 'Scent workshop' and 'Mantrailing'.

Behaviour Assessments

To provide the best service, our behaviour assessments are only taken on referral from your veterinary practice. This discounts the possibility of a medical reason for the unwanted behaviour, thereby making it more cost effective for you, our client. Many of the veterinary practices in Devon use our services.

We use a sensitive and individual approach to behaviour problems with the EMRA system, developed by COAPE. This is based on:

- Emotional Assessment of the animal during the actual behaviour problem.

- Mood State Assessment of how the animal feels and behaves in general.

- Reinforcement Assessment of what factors are maintaining the behaviour problem.

We will assess and produce an individual behaviour modification programme which incorporates EMRA with reward based techniques. This offers a holistic approach by considering your dog's emotions, diet, routine and appropriate positive training techniques that will ultimately help you to see positive improvements and improve the bond with your dog.

It should be noted that this is a process that requires time, commitment and consistency in order to see positive improvements. Our extensive experience has shown us that clients benefit more from a minimum of 2 sessions; this will provide support, guidance and motivation to help you achieve your aims.

The fee for your first session with one of us will include:

  • An initial phone call and preparation of the case using a detailed questionnaire.
  • Any research required, analysis of video footage provided and/or discussions with your vet.
  • A single 2 - 2.5 hour session at your home or other appropriate and agreed venue or a two x Zoom/FaceTime consultations.
  • Written report for you and précis for your vet, plus training advice.
  • Support by phone or email.
  • Travel costs are based on the venue / your home address and will be discussed and agreed prior to any consultation.
  • Use of any equipment required during the appointment is included.

We offer very competitive prices and packages tailored for your needs, please enquire for further information.

Click here to view behaviour problems that we regulary see and treat.

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